Adobe Creative Cloud - KB102


The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite is available to all MSU students/faculty/staff from the MSU Computer Store. The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite uses a subscription based license for specific named users. It cannot be installed on shared computers where there is not a named user to assign the license to. All Adobe CC licenses purchased through the MSU Computer Store expire on May 15 of each year. The subscription will need to be renewed at that time if you wish to continue using the software. This license includes all of the Adobe Creative Cloud products that are available. Media is provided as a download.

Getting Access to the Adobe Creative Cloud

  1. To have a license purchased in your name, please Submit a Tech Request to the ComArtSci Technology office, and provide a departmental account number for the purchase.
  2. After 3-5 business days you will receive an email from Adobe with an invite to accept your Adobe CC license. Once the license is accepted, you have access to download all of the Adobe Creative Cloud products.

Installing Adobe Creative Cloud Applications

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud applications are installed through the Adobe Creative Cloud App.
  2. Open Adobe Creative Cloud. If you do not have Adobe Creative Cloud, it can be downloaded here: Adobe CC Download.
  3. Sign in to your Adobe Account through the Adobe Creative Cloud App.
  4. Select the Apps category at the top
  5. Click the "Install" Button for any applications that you would like to install