All faculty and staff email will be migrated to Spartan Mail (Microsoft Outlook/Campus Exchange). The ComArtSci Technology Office has been working closely with MSU IT as part of a university-wide initiative to retire the current legacy email system. We have come up with a plan to transition all CAS faculty and staff to Microsoft Exchange based email servers.

What is changing?

All ComArtSci Faculty and Staff will migrate to the Spartan Mail email solution. The new email system will have a 10GB mailbox limit, as opposed to the current 1GB limit. You will keep the same email address. We believe that this will be a welcome and long overdue improvement to the MSU email experience.

What do I need to do before the migration?

  1. Clean out your deleted items and empty the trash from your current email account.
  2. Reset your NetID password at

What will happen during the migration?

Your email will be migrated to Spartan Mail.

ComArtSci IT staff will help with the migration in person. They will:

What’s next?

You will receive communication from a member of the ComArtSci IT staff informing you of when your mailbox will be turned on. At that time, you may schedule a time for migration.

If you have questions or concerns about the migration, please contact ComArtSci IT staff.